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Home » Hacking News » Intel P4 2ghz | Get your liquid nitro ready to cool it

Intel P4 2ghz | Get your liquid nitro ready to cool it

by Majik on June 26th, 2001 Intel's P4 2ghz processor was first demonstrated in August 2000. And is now ready to be released in the third quarter this year. But is it really a good thing? Look at a 1.7ghz P4, it gets pretty hot under the bonnet when you play the latest 3D games for 5 hours straight.

The cooling required for anything over 2ghz is going to be a hassle. Nobody wants buy a new fan everytime they upgrade to the latest speed hardware component to impresss their friends and co-workers.

They want to install it, and start gaming, start running multiple office apps, start doing some 3D graphics rendering. Not have to spend an extra 10-20 $$$ on a new processor or system fan to keep their new monster cool.

But, will you really feel any difference between a 1.7 and a 2 gigahertz? Many PC owners have upgraded from a 700mhz to an 800 or 900 megahertz and not even noticed any difference in the speed.

The only people that would notice a boost in performance, will be gamers. A 1ghz will have a huge difference compared to a 2ghz for everybody, but to a gamer, a 1.4 or 1.7 gigahertz to a 2ghz would probably actually make a difference. Being an owner of a 360mmx AMD K-5, I think a 1ghz would be an excellent speed to upgrade to. But I would be happy with 500-700 megahertz. According to Moore's Law, technology speeds double every 18 months. So what is the point of having an 800mhzAMD/Celeron/Pentium 3, and upgrading to a 1ghz, when that speed won't be so impressive in a year or two.

Half of the upgrades to a 1ghz or over, are due to PC users wanting to boast and show off the fact that they can afford, and have thelatest technology. And incase you didn't know, a Pentium 4 processor requires certain memory, called RAMBus. Why would you want to purchase a new processor that needs new RAM to run on. And the other thing about a P4 is the fact that they're so damn expensive. Why would you want to buy a P4 1ghz when you could get an AMD 1ghz for SO MUCH cheaper.

It looks like Intel feels the need to beat AMD in the speed war. When, infact, they don't, because AMD is still kicking their arse.

Intel clearly needs to reduce prices.

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