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IE vulnerability exploited

by Ivana Strahija on March 31st, 2006 More and more malicious attackers are trying to exploit the newest, and yet unpatched, Internet Explorer vulnerability. Attackers are using headlines from BBC news stories to lure people into clicking links in e-mails.

Websense Security Labs warn that links in fraudulent e-mails take people to spoofed websites, which than install keystroke loggers on vulnerable computers. This keyloggers monitor activity on various financial Web sites and upload captured information back to the attacker, Websense said.

Once again, Xatrix Security warns you to be very careful when dealing with e-mails, especially those containing links. Even if e-mails look like they are being sent from a legitimate source, ask yourself if that person would send you a link.

We also warn you to disable active scripting if using Internet Explorer (click on tools-internet options, under tab security change the settings for internet). Also, please consider using an alternate browser. Most of them come free of charge.

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