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IBM expands open source hardware group

by Nikola Strahija on June 11th, 2005, a sui-disant open source organisation based around IBM's Power instruction set, has just expanded.

It shows, said IBM, the health of the open source movement, this time in hardware not just software.

Eleven new members joined the strong organisation, which describes itself as "dedicated to accelerating collaborative innovation on the Power microprocessor technology". One of the innovations on show at the Barcelona conference, where the new members were presented, was parallel processor architecture from small, 15-person start-up Rapport.

Rapport aims to harness large numbers of simple, parallel processors, rather similar to the original 8088 PC chip, according to marketing VP Debby Hinds. Applications for such chips, named Kilocore, include replacing large single or dual-core CPUs while generating much less heat because they run at a much lower clock speed.

The kinds of tasks to which they might be put, said Hinds, include compute-intensive jobs for which massively parallel embedded processing is inherently suited, such as pattern recognition, VoIP and encryption.

Other companies announced at the conference included Thales, with itís new Power-based avionics system designed specifically for use in cutting-edge avionics development and military embedded applications.

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