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Home » Hacking News » IBM alphaWorks TFTP Directory Traversal Vulnerability

IBM alphaWorks TFTP Directory Traversal Vulnerability

by phiber on July 22nd, 2001 Remote attackers may use directory traversals to access arbitrary files(which are readable by the TFTP server), via a crafted get request to the host.

Sensitive information contained in system files may be disclosed to remote attackers as a result of this vulnerability.


IBM alphaWorks TFTP is a Java server that implements that Trivial File Transfer Protocol for AIX, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows 9x/NT systems. TFTP clients may access the server remotely.


This issue may be exploited by making a malicious file request to a vulnerable host which contains '../' sequences.


Currently there are no patches or workarounds, but be sure to take a look at the venodors website.

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