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iBill framed?

by Nikola Strahija on March 10th, 2006 After all the major websites reported about the iBill database breach, which left over 17 million people exposed, iBill finally responded: we were framed!

It seems that the costumer data Secure Science and Sunbelt Software discovered wa not from the iBill's database, or so the iBill president, Gary Spaniak Jr. claims: -I'm the first person that would have taken this to the FBI and the first person to have gone on 60 Minutes to say 'we screwed up, if that were the case.'.

Spaniak claims he has cross-referenced the 17 million transaction database against iBills, to find only 3 matches. Also, the stolen data includes Diners Club card owners, which iBill never did any business with.

Lance James of Secure Science allows his conclusions to be false, but if so, criminals have deliberately mislabeled a database taken from another source.

iBill's president has his own suspicions why should someone want to frame his company, stating that company made several 'enemies' among adult websites when they were forced to suspend payments: -Over $20 million has been paid back, we have plans for paying back another $18 million.'

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