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HAL 2001 | Was the Code Red author there?

by Majik on August 11th, 2001 HAL 2001," a three-day international hackers conference, kicked off today in the Netherlands, and a major topic of discussion has been the infamous Code Red computer virus.

Rop Gonggrijp, one of the conference organizers, told Newsbytes that more than 2,000 hackers from all over the world showed up for the first day of the event, being held at the University of Twente.

A majority of attendees are German and Dutch citizens, but he said, "We have people from the USA, Australia, India and Taiwan."

Earlier this week the German Press Agency (DPA) reported that hackers calling themselves 29A, which DPA described as being Dutch, had been bragging on message boards about unleashing the highly destructive Code Red on the world. The story has since been described by most experts as wrong.

Nonetheless, Gonggrjp said he had been asked several times if the creator of Code Red is at HAL 2001.

"I hope he's not here," Gonggrijp said. "Because a lot of the people here are IT system administrators, and these people are the ones who have been battling Code Red."

He added that, "if he is here and if people found out, I hope the police can rescue him before he gets strangled."

Gonggrjp, who runs an IT security business called ITSX when not organizing hacking conferences, was speaking to Newsbytes from the main tent of the event. He described the mood as festive, with people debating, ogling huge computer monitors and buying souvenir T-shirts.

On the official Web site of HAL 2001 ( ), organizers say, "When not visiting lectures or workshops, we'll be engaged in technical or political discussions, or maybe just relaxing somewhere in the grass. But whatever we do, and whatever the topic of discussion, HAL 2001 is above all a hackers' event and NOT a LAN party!"

When asked why hackers need to hold a conference, Gonggrijp said, "Because we think there are a lot of important issues to discuss." And after a few seconds thought, he added, "And because it is good fun."

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