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Home » Hacking News » Hackers stick California city with $30,000 phone bill

Hackers stick California city with $30,000 phone bill

by Nikola Strahija on November 5th, 2002 Hackers have stuck the city of East Palo Alto, California with a huge phone bill -- $30,000. A number of calls were placed to the Philippines over a five-day period in July -- and they weren't made by city workers.

AT&T investigators confirmed that hackers broke into the city's telephone system to make the bogus calls before they were detected and cut off.

Now AT&T wants its money -- but the city doesn't want to pay. The city's typical monthly phone bill is about $10,000.

Officials say they shouldn't have to pay because the bill was the result of fraud. But AT&T says the city is responsible for the security of its telephone system.

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