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Home » Hacking News » Hackers hit Los Alamos public information site

Hackers hit Los Alamos public information site

by ivy on August 14th, 2001 Hackers trying to beat government security on the public information Web site of the Los Alamos National Laboratory instead succeeded primarily in denying chemistry students access to a free posting of the periodic table.

A hacking group that calls itself Poisonbox succeeded in defacing the Web site on an external network of the laboratory on Saturday, according to security Web sites and The site, which is the home page for the C-ACT Applied Chemical Technologies Group, remains down today while the systems administrator rebuilds it and tests it for vulnerabilities, said Chris Kemper, deputy directory of the Computing, Communications and Networking Division.

Kemper said the server, which was attacked through a Microsoft Corp. Internet Information Services (IIS) software vulnerability, is one of about 200 on a public access, or "green network."

These green network servers, "do not have a very strong firewall in front," Kemper said, "We try real hard not to have any sensitive data on these pages." This wasn't the first IIS exploit on the green network either, he said.

The most notable content on this site was the periodic table of the elements, which Kemper said was quite popular.

In contrast, the institutional, internal network has about 20,000 systems on it, he said, and is behind a strong firewall, which hasn't suffered from any of the recent IIS exploits, most notably the Code Red, sadmin and other buffer overflow exploits for IIS software.


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