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Hackers destroy Singapore opposition party's cyber network

by platon on June 29th, 2001 Hackers infiltrated the cyber network of a Singapore opposition political party and deleted all 8,000 names on a public mailing list, a party official said Thursday.

"I don't know who the culprits are but I don't think it was done by general hackers because the attack was very specific. I run so many mailing lists but they specifically deleted this," said Steve Chia, secretary-general of the National Solidarity Party (NSP).

He explained the NSP has four mailing lists -- one for party decision-makers, another for party supporters, a third for general discussions and the last to update the public and media about the party's latest news and views.

It was the last mailing list -- -- that was destroyed Monday night, Chia told AFP.

As it is difficult to get past Yahoo's secure hosting network, Chia suspects the culprits hacked into his personal computer and accessed his password.

Once in, all it took was a click to delete the records. The mailing list had been built from May this year and the NSP was hoping to increase the numbers to 30,000 by the next general election.

The attack comes less than a fortnight after the Singapore government announced that political websites would be regulated to prevent the spread of false information as the competition heats up.

"The responsibility is on the content provider not to put up information that is defamatory or libellous," said Chia of the need for regulation.

He said that NSP's website and mailing lists were ways for the party to present views to the public and that there should not be too many controls on them.

"The more noise we make, the more credibility we gain, the more people will be aware of us and feel threatened," said Chia, whose party is part of a small opposition group in affluent Singapore, where politics has been dominated by the ruling People's Action Party since statehood in 1965.

The NSP is now looking at other e-group services and promises to beef up security, but it may take some time.

"It could take anything from two weeks to two months to get the mailing list up and running again. Meanwhile, the public has to make do with updates on the website," Chia said.

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