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Hackers attack US Air Force Base

by Nikola Strahija on March 24th, 2002 Hackers operating outside the US tried unsuccessfully to enter the computer network at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, officials say.

There were 125,000 attempts made on Friday, says Lieutenant General Richard Reynolds, commander of the Aeronautical Systems Centre.

Public affairs director Lieutenant Colonel Ed Worley called it "a concerted and directed attack".

He added that it was "one of the most orchestrated we've seen in about the last six months, and by 'we' I mean the Air Force".

"I don't know whether they wanted to get in and just get information, or whether they wanted to get in and cripple our network," General Reynolds said.

The base is home to the Air Force Materiel Command headquarters, the National Air Intelligence Centre, research laboratories, and the program management offices for the B-2 Stealth bomber, F-22 Stealth fighter and other major weapon systems.

It also houses one of the government's biggest supercomputer centres, the Major Shared Resource Center.

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