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Home » Hacking News » Hacker intrusion collusion creates 'perfect IDS'

Hacker intrusion collusion creates 'perfect IDS'

by baqad on November 5th, 2001 Three months after the infamous Def Con hacker fest back in July, a group of geeks have published data which they claim may prove to be the ultimate Intrusion Detection System (IDS) test bed.

Each year the Def Con meeting in Las Vegas hosts a 'Capture the Flag' contest. In this event some of the best hackers from around the world duke it out over a specially constructed network for 72 hours, hacking for the title. To 'capture the flag' a hacker must get root access on a well-secured central server.

But geek organisation the Shmoo Group diligently sniffed and logged every packet sent over the network for posterity, effectively recording in blow-by-blow detail how the best hackers on the underground get into secure networks.

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