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Hack Microsoft products for $10 000

by Ivana Strahija on February 19th, 2006 iDefense Labs is offering a $10,000 to any hacker who finds a worm hole in Microsoft's products. This is part of a new quarterly hacking challenge the security company is implementing to its Vulnerability Contributor Program.

It's not difficult to guess that Microsoft is not at all happy about this: -We do not believe that offering compensation for vulnerability information is the best way researchers can help protect customers. Microsoft believes that responsible disclosure, which involves making sure that an update is available from software vendors the same day the vulnerability is first broadly known, is the best way to protect the end user, the statement said.

Michael Sutton, director of iDefense Labs, said that they've designed the quarterly hacking challenge to inspire security researchers to target certain areas, which are of much interest to the iDefense. $10,000 are a bonus on top of fees paid for the initial vulnerability submission, and only for those bugs that result in a critical security bulletin from Microsoft.

Reactions to the iDefense 'Microsoft bonus' are divided. Some security experts think that all vendors should be paying for vulnerabilities, while the others think this will draw great attention to a single manufacturer, and also rise the prices of zero-day vulnerabilities on the underground market.

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