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Hack in the Box 2006 speakers and training

by Ivana Strahija on July 12th, 2006 Asia's biggest computer and network security conference has managed to gather some of the most interesting industry people to speak about newest achievements at this field. Seven security trainings are bound to rise a lot of intention too.

Bruce Schneier, Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Counterpane Internet Security; Mark Curphey, Vice President of Consulting at Foundstone; and John Viega, Chief Security Architect at McAfee are the keynote speakers scheduled to give their presentations at this year's HitB conference. Here are the abstracts from their presentations:

Bruce Schneier "Schneier on Security": Always interesting and entertaining, Bruce Schneier will talk about current topics in security, economics, and society.

Mark Curphey and John Viega "What application security tools vendors don’t want you to know and holes they will never find!": Software and application security is a hard nut to crack. Traditional network and operating system assessment and protection tools can be taught to look for repeatable conditions with reasonable results. However (and despite heavy marketing suggesting other wise) application protection and assessment tools suffer from a significant different order of problem. In this talk John Viega and Mark Curphey will systematically discuss and demonstrate the limitations of automated protection and assessment tools using live working examples. The talk will focus on code review tools, web application scanners and web application firewalls.

These three keynote speakers are just the glazing on 32 more computer security experts, who are all presenting their papers at this year's Hack in the Box. You can find more about them at

Over 30 of the world’s leading network security specialists who will be on hand to conduct 7 tracks of technical training sessions on the 18th and 19th of September. The tech trainings offered at Hack in the Box 2006 are: Advanced Web Application & Services Hacking, Attacking & Defending Networks (Advanced Linux Edition), The Exploit Laboratory, Tactical VoIP : Applied VoIPhreaking, War Driving .Gov, Structured Network Threat Analysis and Forensics and Yin and Yang of Java Security Programming.

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