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GNOME Eye of Gnome buffer overflow

by Mario Miri on April 8th, 2003 GNOME Eye of Gnome image viewer is prone to a buffer overflow attack if a malicious format specifiers are input at the command line. This may lead to local privilege escalation. Also, a remote exploitation may be possible if EOG is configured as a default image viewer in mailcap.

GNOME eog 1.0 .0
GNOME eog 1.0.1
GNOME eog 1.0.2
GNOME eog 1.0.3
GNOME eog 1.0.4
GNOME eog 1.1.1
GNOME eog 1.1.2
GNOME eog 1.1.3
GNOME eog 1.1.4
GNOME eog 2.2.0

Patches are available from official Gnome site.

Exploit / Proof of concept:

Discovered by:
Diego Kelyacoubian
Javier Kohen
Alberto Solino
Juan Vera
Core Security Technologies.

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