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Home » Hacking News » GATOR ranked as the number one non-viral MALWARE by new report

GATOR ranked as the number one non-viral MALWARE by new report

by Nikola Strahija on February 6th, 2003 Computer users, even experts, often consider pests and viruses to be one and the same. Yet this assumption is dangerously inaccurate. Pests are fundamentally different from viruses. Viruses are designed to be obvious and destroy data while pests are sneaky and steal data.

In fact, pests are designed to bypass anti-virus scanners, firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Pests usually find their way onto users’ systems in all the same ways viruses do and several more besides, including simple web browsing. Pests can enable hackers to conduct nefarious activities, including capturing email addresses and passwords; breaking into remote workers corporate networks, corrupting files; launching remotely controlled computer attacks against third parties; and even the ability to gain remote access to a computer’s video camera, collect images and send them over the Internet.

“Since we began to collect quantitative information in 1980 regarding the reality of the pest problem, it’s become clear that pests are a real and rapidly growing problem for both corporations and individuals,” said David J. Stang, CTO of PestPatrol. “Every month, we tabulate the prevalence of individual pests from information that our customers send to us from their experience. During the month of January 2003, more than 45 new and unique pests were reported. Pests are an enormous problem that has been badly underestimated in the past.”...

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