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Home » Hacking News » FreeBSD-SA-02:17-mod_frontpage port contains exploitable buffer overflow

FreeBSD-SA-02:17-mod_frontpage port contains exploitable buffer overflow

by Nikola Strahija on March 13th, 2002 Affected versions of the mod_frontpage port contains several exploitable buffer overflows in the fpexec wrapper, which is installed setuid root.

The mod_frontpage port is not installed by default, nor is it "part of
FreeBSD" as such: it is part of the FreeBSD ports collection, which
contains over 6000 third-party applications in a ready-to-install
format. The ports collection shipped with FreeBSD 4.5 contains this
security problem since it was discovered after the release.

FreeBSD makes no claim about the security of these third-party
applications, although an effort is underway to provide a security
audit of the most security-critical ports.

III. Impact

A local attacker may obtain superuser privileges by exploiting the
buffer overflow bugs in fpexec.

IV. Workaround

1) Deinstall the mod_frontpage ports/packages if you have them installed.

V. Solution

Do one of the following:

1) Upgrade your entire ports collection and rebuild the port.

2) Deinstall the old package and install a new package dated after the
correction date, obtained from the following directories:


Packages are not automatically generated for the alpha architecture at
this time due to lack of build resources.

NOTE: It may be several days before updated packages are available.

3) Download a new port skeleton for the mod_frontpage port from:

and use it to rebuild the port.

4) Use the portcheckout utility to automate option (3) above. The
portcheckout port is available in /usr/ports/devel/portcheckout or the
package can be obtained from:

VI. Correction details

The following list contains the $FreeBSD$ revision numbers of each
file that was corrected in the FreeBSD source.

Path Revision
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
ports/www/mod_frontpage/Makefile 1.7
ports/www/mod_frontpage/distinfo 1.4
ports/www/mod_frontpage/files/patch-Makefile.PL 1.3
ports/www/mod_frontpage/files/ 1.1
ports/www/mod_frontpage/files/patch-mod_frontpage.c 1.4
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Version: GnuPG v1.0.6 (FreeBSD)
Comment: For info see


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