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Foolin' round with IMF

by Ivana Strahija on July 17th, 2006 Phishers and other internet molesters are using the International Monetary Fund in attempt to fool users.

The International Monetary Fund has reported a significant increase in number of e-mails pretending to be from the organization, but were in fact only scams to fool unsuspecting users.

Phishers and spoofers are trying their best, using false e-mail addresses and putting up fake websites to make users believe the information is coming from the IMF, and by it scoring financial benefits or identity teft.

-The IMF does not issue or guarantee any obligations called "Prime Bank Notes," "Prime Bank Guarantees," "Bill of Exchange" or the like, nor does it extend any credit lines through commercial banks or other agencies. Moreover, the IMF does not guarantee debentures or other financial instruments issued by a member country or any other entity. It does not sponsor investment programs, "high-yield financial programs" or issue to countries or to outside parties an "IMF number," "IMF Country Registration Number", or the like", the organization stated in its press release.

The organization also warned that proper authorities have been notified of this problem and that the IMF never sends out unsolicited e-mails.

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