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Firewalls not enough, says security vendor

by phiber on June 28th, 2001 Firewalls and intrusion detection systems need an extra layer of protection, according to a leading security vendor.
Paul Lawrence, European technical director at Top Layer Networks, said it was crucial to build up a picture of the data traffic on a network and track the movements and identities of any intruders by tracing their so-called 'date DNA'.

The company has launched a forensic information gathering tool, SecureWatch, which records information about network activity, such as an intruder's destination and source IP addresses, ports and user names.

Lawrence explained that add-on technologies, such as data monitoring and digital authentication, are some of the fastest-growing sectors in the security market. "From observing your network under attack you get the understanding and expertise you need to dramatically increase the level of security," he said.

"If you protect your house with an intruder alarm, your information and display system (IDS) tells you there is someone in the building. If they crack the safe, your firewall sends you an alert. But only when you see the video from the CCTV can you understand how the burglar got in and prevent it happening again," he added.

Lawrence said that managers need to see the full flow of data on the network and claimed that SecureWatch allows this to happen by using an asymmetric connection to monitor traffic without interfering with the IDS.

The software operates as a data depository that allows managers to check what is happening on the network as soon as they receive an alert from the IDS.


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