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Firefox full of flaws

by Nikola Strahija on December 2nd, 2005 Some users say their patience with Firefox flaws is beginning to wear thin. Since the Wednesday release of Firefox 1.5 a bug that causes Mac OS X systems to use 100 percent of available processor resources in some cases, such as when scrolling in some Web-based applications (such as Google Maps) and holding down the mouse button, is really annoying many Mac users.

The bug has been known since before the release of Firefox 1.0, but has never been fixed, critics noted.

Some users said the bug makes it difficult to use Firefox on laptops, because it causes the fan to run more frequently and uses up battery power. -I am going to have to recommend that any Mac users I know stay away from Firefox until this is fixed. It makes Google Maps virtually unusable, and it chews up battery, and causes lots of heat in laptops, wrote one user on the Bugzilla bug-tracking site.

Others said the bug was not particularly serious, was not noticeable to users on desktop systems and would, in any case, disappear when the browser shifts to a newer programming interface called Cocoa.

Some users testify that Firefox 1.5 introduced new glitches. Issues mentioned by users after their first few hours with Firefox 1.5 included the reload button disappearing, a bug with selected text, problems with cookie management, keyboard shortcuts being randomly disabled, and a Mac-specific problem with the URL window.

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