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FBI Plans Crackdown on Revenge Hackers

by platon on June 9th, 2001 FBI Plans Crackdown on Revenge Hackers Federal investigators say the revenge type of computer crime is on the rise. As redundancy become more common at technology companies, an increasing number of disgruntled or fired employees are hacking their companies in revenge.

"The whole nature of computer crimes has changed," said Agent Greg Walton of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) San Francisco-area computer intrusion squad, "The problem at big companies is, the network administrator is probably the last guy who finds out you got fired, and doesn't cut off your access. Or it's the network administrator who gets fired, and he has access." Walton and the nine other members of his squad have about 10 active investigations involving allegations of hacking by disgruntled or fired workers. It's a significant phenomenon, since the squad usually works on 50 to 60 cases at a time. Computer crimes of all kinds, by insiders and outsiders, are increasing and getting more costly, according to a recent survey of 538 companies, universities and government agencies by the San Francisco-based Computer Security Institute and the FBI. 85 percent said their networks were breached in the previous year. The 186 respondents who were willing to quantify the damage they suffered put their total losses at $378 million (ś291 million). In last year's survey, 249 companies said they lost a total of $266 million (ś204 million).

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