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FBI: 'Code Red' Efforts Successful

by platon on August 18th, 2001 WASHINGTON (AP) - Following a concerted effort to make computer users aware of the viruslike ``Code Red'' worm, the FBI said Thursday that its damage will be far less than originally feared when the worm enters its scheduled ``attack mode'' this weekend.

At its peak, Code Red affected hundreds of thousands of computers, and was predicted to have catastrophic effects on the Internet. But enough computer users downloaded a program to protect them from the worm that the potential harm was limited.

``Because of the rapid response from the public, industry and infrastructure providers to mitigate the potential for damage from this worm, the threat posed by the upcoming attack is significantly reduced,'' FBI officials said in a statement.

The Internet worm, which affects some Web sites running Microsoft software, is designed to spread, then launch an assault to clog the White House Web site on the 19th of the month.

But White House technicians changed the site's numerical Internet address when the worm first attacked last month, dodging the worm's attack.

The more destructive ``Code Red II'' worm, which affected a handful of companies in recent weeks, does not make the same type of attack against the White House or any other site - though the worm can leave computers vulnerable to hackers.

Unlike a virus, which needs a person to help it spread, a worm infects other computers on its own.

FBI officials also reiterated that there is no ``Code Red III'' worm, despite some news reports quoting Asian officials. The FBI said the reports stemmed from a confusion in names.

Even though Code Red's threat has abated, experts have said several thousand computers are still infected.

Web site administrators running Microsoft Windows NT and 2000 operating systems, along with the Internet Information Services software, should download a patch from Microsoft's Web site. Users running Windows 95, 98 or Me are not affected.

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