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Facebook Virus Masked as Video!

by Nino Andrasec on August 28th, 2013 A new virus which is masquerading as a video message can hijack Facebook accounts and Google Chrome browsers.
facebook phototagging video message virus

After clickin on the video message link, the victim is redirected to a page which installs an extension for the Google Chrome browser. When the extension is installed, the malware has complete access to the browsers saved passwords list, browsing history - the lot.

Currently, Firefox and Google Chrome have been compromised. Together with Facebok, they issued a statement that facebook users are blocked from clicking through the malware links and have already reported these browser extensions to the their partners. The trio believes that there is only a only small bumber of people and systems being compromised but the numbers we found say otherwise: 40 000 new infections every hour totaling 800,000 Chrome infections today (28th of August, 2013).

"At Google, we are aware of the attack and disable the add-ons in the browser that allow the virus to penetrate. The Facebook is also trying to eliminate the threat, their spokesman says Facebook is currently prevents its users to click on links."

So, if someone sends you a Facebook message or e-mail that you are tagged in a video, we recommend You not to click the link.

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