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eBay seeded with traps

by Nikola Strahija on April 1st, 2006 Since eBay allows auctioneers to change the appearance of their auction pages, hackers also came to know and love the automated tools and available programming techniques.

We have reported on more than one occasion that eBay users should be very careful, because phishers tend to seed false eBay log-in pages in order to steal usernames and passwords and credit card details.

Although eBay is well aware of this, according to its spokesperson, the company does not intend to disable the customization option. Its opinion is that web programming and automated tools bring more good than bad.

eBay employs one thousand people whose job is to secure the auctions and the sites themselves. -By the time something gets up there, we're usually so quick to get it and pull it down that it is really a moot point, the spokesperson said. -We feel that it is not a huge concern or issue - it is miniscule.'

EBay's security experts have also put together a browser toolbar to protect users against fake copies of its Web sites.

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