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DVD Jon working for MP3tunes

by Nikola Strahija on October 20th, 2005 Jon Lech Johansen, also known as DVD Jon, who was arrested and ultimately exonerated for reverse-engineering DVD copy protection, has taken a job with a digital music company called MP3tunes.

The Norwegian hacker has now moved to the US and is working at MP3tunes' offices as a software engineer. His first project is a new digital music product, named Oboe, which is designed to "bring digital music into the 21st century", according to Robertson, the company's CEO.

According to Robertson, Johansen approached MP3tunes about the job several months ago, because he felt there were better opportunities in the US than in his native Norway. -He wanted to work on consumer software, Robertson said. -In particular he was hoping to work on software that was audio-relevant.’

As a teenager, DVD Jon became a celebrity in the Linux and hacker community for releasing software that let Linux users run DVDs on their PCs. The software also cracked the CSS (Content Scrambling System) copy protection mechanism used by DVDs.

More recently, Johansen has reverse engineered a number of technologies used by Apple's digital music products, including the iTunes Music Store protocol and the AirTunes protocol.

Johansen and Robertson share some views and beliefs when digital music is concerned: -I'm a huge believer of open standards, Robertson said. -I want a world where you can listen to your music on any device whether it has a fruit logo or not, whether it has a Microsoft logo or not, and that's hopefully what we'll push the world toward at MP3tunes.’

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