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Home » Hacking News » Dutch hackers sentenced for attack on government sites

Dutch hackers sentenced for attack on government sites

by Nikola Strahija on March 15th, 2005 Five computer hackers in the Netherlands have been sentenced for disabling a number of websites operated by the Dutch government.

A group of around 15 hackers, who called themselves '0x1fe Crew', carried out a DdoS attack last year on the government websites and in a protest against recent cabinet proposals. The websites, central gateway to all information on cabinet policy in the Netherlands, couldn't be reached for five days.

The Dutch government immediately launched legal proceedings against the group and five hackers were convicted. The main suspect, who was given a 38-day detention sentence, says he will appeal. The 18-year-old claims there is no technical proof of his participation in the attacks. It is first time in the Netherlands that anyone has been convicted for such an attack.

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