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DSA 151-1-xinetd

by Nikola Strahija on August 14th, 2002 Solar Designer found a vulnerability in xinetd, a replacement for the BSD derived inetd. File descriptors for the signal pipe introduced in version 2.3.4 are leaked into services started from xinetd. The descriptors could be used to talk to xinetd resulting in crashing it entirely. This is usually called a denial of service.

This problem has been fixed by the package maintainer in version
2.3.4-1.2 for the current stable distribution (woody) and in version
2.3.7-1 for the unstable distribution (sid). The old stable
distribution (potato) is not affected, since it doesn't contain the
signal pipe.

We recommend that you upgrade your xinetd packages.

wget url
will fetch the file for you
dpkg -i file.deb
will install the referenced file.

If you are using the apt-get package manager, use the line for
sources.list as given below:

apt-get update
will update the internal database
apt-get upgrade
will install corrected packages

You may use an automated update by adding the resources from the
footer to the proper configuration.

Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 alias woody
- --------------------------------

Source archives:
Size/MD5 checksum: 596 6e437a7317228d6baaf1013cc060dcd9
Size/MD5 checksum: 34109 ea09f66719c48976345d104c94d8d7a0
Size/MD5 checksum: 270723 8f7ac612910aaf811c4554f4ab40fd65

Alpha architecture:
Size/MD5 checksum: 144548 4a380b4e80f789be31e41b3cc1ca6c25

ARM architecture:
Size/MD5 checksum: 119372 e9f22ebf109fbbb45e2488090b024a78

Intel IA-32 architecture:
Size/MD5 checksum: 114380 82e2f7248fcec69f1a4390d4e22c799d

Intel IA-64 architecture:
Size/MD5 checksum: 170536 a0545b8a5b0989e04f1178592aeec414

HP Precision architecture:
Size/MD5 checksum: 134914 b2f95d5464fe03115f8b6c88f2587939

Motorola 680x0 architecture:
Size/MD5 checksum: 109000 1c59983898111932ed5554708742fd73

Big endian MIPS architecture:
Size/MD5 checksum: 133488 711b97de8092f465b89a8c3b332c0198

Little endian MIPS architecture:
Size/MD5 checksum: 134214 21ef9ae6317261fade057163cafc7d01

PowerPC architecture:
Size/MD5 checksum: 124404 87b9958221e1bf9048a4d3650cd89e21

IBM S/390 architecture:
Size/MD5 checksum: 120268 1248fb8bbb886916c25e2ac5d2523bd4

Sun Sparc architecture:
Size/MD5 checksum: 124144 055c71fccc937b6784d114cb7860a171

These files will probably be moved into the stable distribution on
its next revision.

For apt-get: deb stable/updates main
For dpkg-ftp:
Mailing list: [email protected]
Package info: `apt-cache show ' and

Version: GnuPG v1.0.7 (GNU/Linux)


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