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Home » Hacking News » Doctor loses $3 mil to a 419 scam?

Doctor loses $3 mil to a 419 scam?

by Ivana Strahija on March 2nd, 2006 Guy Gottschalk has sued his father, a well known psychiatrist, asking the court to take away his right to administrate the family's fortune. He claims dr. Louis Gottschalk lost money to Nigerian scams.

Dr. Gottschalk, who in the age of 89 still works at the University of California, is accused of losing up to $3 million to 419 scam over the course of 10 years. His son says in the lawsuit that he is therefore incapable of administrating the family partnership, worth $8 million.

Furthermore, the younger Gottschalk claims his father destroyed bank records to hide his losses, and that his sole purpose of raising the lawsuit is to keep his father from being a victim again.

Dr. Gottschalk admitted losing $900,000 to some bad investments and he claims his son is pursuing a revenge against him.

A hearing is set for March 14.

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