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Do Not Intrude Registry gives up

by Ivana Strahija on May 18th, 2006 Blue Security has given up fighting for its Blue Frog and Do Not Intrude Registry free anti-spam services after they've suffered gruesome attacks from spammers.

The Blue Frog service, and the attached Do Not Intrude Registry, seemed as a gift from heaven for all those who were fed up with all that spam e-mail filling their computer mailboxes. After installing this application, every spam mail they've got was instantly responded to, ending thousands of opt-out messages.

But, sadly, it seems that giving spammers a taste of their own medicine just wasn't destined to follow through. Soon after the Do Not Intrude Registry collected more than 450 thousand members, spammers began to send out spam threatening to flood members if they do not unsubscribe from the Blue Frog service.

After this initial attack didn't go as planned, that is, after Blue Frog members refused to comply, one of the spammers, PharmaMaster, believed to be from Russia, took it personally.

He first launched a denial of service attack against Blue Security website and managed to get it invisible to the rest of the world (only people in Israel, country of Blue Security origin, could access the site). Blue Security, while working on getting back on-line, started posting on a TypePad blog.

PharmaMaster soon traced the anti-spammers out and launched an even greater attack, which took offline all TypePad blogs and caused some of the other companies (including several hosting companies and one DNS provider) problems.

It took over two weeks for Blue Security to recoup, and the website is now hosted elsewhere, with heightened security measures safeguarding them. But Blue Frog and the Do Not Intrude Registry will never get back online, company officials recently informed the public. This decision is mostly influenced by not wanting to endanger any more internet resources.

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