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Dell – My Way is not spyware

by Nikola Strahija on July 16th, 2005 Dell has rejected allegations that its PCs come pre-loaded with an intrusive application that spies on users' surfing habits.

The equipment manufacturer said there was nothing sneeky about My Way Search Assistant, although there were many complaints from customers about the toolbar impairing computer performance, changing browser settings and being difficult to remove.

Anti-spyware firm Sunbelt Software defines My Way components as a "potential privacy risk" that pose a moderate threat to users.

-MyWay Speedbar is a search toolbar that installs into Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, adding search functions and popup blocking. While it has some desired features, it anonymously reports your surfing activity when on a Myway or Myway affiliated site, helping their product serve you targeted advertising based on surfing habits of its users. Based on their End User License Agreement, they may also choose to correlate the anonymous surfing habits with your personal profile if you sign up for anything while on their sites, Sunbelt said.

A Dell spokesperson said concerns about the product were misplaced. -My Way is not a spyware product and it does not monitor user's behaviour. It's a toolbar that displays relevant search results in response to search queries, she said. -You can disable the product using the options menu, she added.

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