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Crytek websites hacked

by Nikola Strahija on July 24th, 2013 The famous German video game company Crytek recently took down 4 of it's websites. Apart from the usual "please change your password when you login", there's a chance the impact may be a bit further than just Crytek's websites.

Why? Well, Crytek is asking it's users to change their passwords elsewhere online which may lead to think that the passwords were either stored in plain text or the hackers were doing a catch-all around the login area and calling home.

The 4 websites in question are:,, and Their other websites:, and remain online.

A lot of Crytek's websites use the same IP (load balancer?) and apparently the same IP was used for the hacked websites in the past hinting a lot could have been compromised.

Lately a number of video game developers and publishers became targets of hackers - especially the ones storing financial data in their databases. Blizzard was targeted with it's World of Warcraft, with their World of Tanks and let's not forget Sony's PlayStation Network which was down for several months, got back online and hacked again. That made a lot of NBA2K players angry.

Hopefully Crytek won't follow Sony's footsteps.

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