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Home » Hacking News » Chinese web sites used to attack US gov networks

Chinese web sites used to attack US gov networks

by Nikola Strahija on August 30th, 2005 Internet sites in China are being used to target computer networks at the Pentagon and other U.S. agencies, successfully breaching hundreds of unclassified networks, the Washington Post reported.

Classified systems haven't yet been compromised, but U.S. authorities said that even small bits of information, when pulled together from various sources, can present useful intelligence.

-The scope of this thing is surprisingly big, said one of four government officials who spoke separately about the incidents, which stretch back as far as two or three years and have been code-named Titan Rain by U.S. investigators.

U.S. analysts are divided about whether the Chinese government is involved in the attacks. Some in the Pentagon are convinced of official Chinese involvement; others see the electronic probing as hackers simply using Chinese networks to disguise the origins of the attacks, the Post reported.

The attacks have targeted the departments of Defence, State, Energy and Homeland Security as well as defence contractors, an official said.

-This is an ongoing, organized attempt to siphon off information from our unclassified systems, one of the officials told the Post.

One official said the FBI has opened an investigation into the incidents, but the FBI declined to comment, the Post said.

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