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Home » Hacking News » Child snitches reveal Hong Kong pirates

Child snitches reveal Hong Kong pirates

by Nikola Strahija on June 2nd, 2006 The Hong Kong government has decided to engage no less than 200 000 computer savvy teenagers and young adults to seek and report on pirates, people selling or distributing illegally obtained software, music and films.

The Hong Kong is starting an unusual war against piracy, encouraged by positive results of the test group: Initially we used 700 cadets from the Civil Aid Service for a three-month period. In that time we received over 800 reports of people illegally uploading, I think we will be very successful when the full 200,000 start helping us on July 19, said the chief of Hong Kong Customs' Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau.

Along with this action, the officials are asking parents to get more aware of what their kids are doing when surfing the internet.

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