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Capture the flag – security games at HitB

by Ivana Strahija on July 16th, 2006 The fun game played at the Hack in the Box conference tries to put the contesters through one day in a life of a security consultant.

To make the conference fun as well as informative, Hack in the Box is organizing Capture the flag contest: -The game attempts to test a security administrator’s ability to secure a complex system with unknown but required functionality. While this task seems rather odd, this is similar to a day job as a security consultant: a customer has a large site, they don t know what it does (the IT staff have all left), and they want it to be secure. And don’t turn it off, there is live traffic running on it, says the official HitB website (

Teams have to attack and defend at the same time, use their own patches, vulnerability and bug fixes, and employ as much wits as possible. For the sixth time in a roll the HitB Capture the Flag competition is bound to bring to light many innovative strategies, problem solving and useful everyday techniques every security expert needs!

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