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Home » Hacking News » British government wants back door to Vista

British government wants back door to Vista

by Nikola Strahija on February 18th, 2006 British officials, fearing Vista would make it difficult for police to read suspect's computers, is asking Microsoft to provide a work-around.

The man who started the rouse is Professor Anderson, professor of security engineering at Cambridge University. He first spoke of the idea that Vista is going to make police work more difficult to the House of Commons: -From later this year, the encryption landscape is going to change with the release of Microsoft Vista, said Anderson, referring to BitLocker Drive Encryption.

He also said that he was talking to various people, who all agree that computer vendors should think of putting 'back door keys' to encrypted material.

A Home Office spokesman said: -The Home Office has already been in touch with Microsoft concerning this matter and is working closely with them.'

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