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Berkeley laptop found

by Nikola Strahija on September 17th, 2005 Police have arrested a man after recovering a stolen laptop that held personal data on more than 98,000 University of California, Berkeley students and applicants.

The laptop, containing the names, address and social security numbers of students and prospective students, was taken from Berkley's graduate admission office in March, triggering a security alert. Fraudsters could have used the data to open up bank accounts or obtain credit cards under false names, although it's unclear whether any fraud has actually taken place. A new operating system has been installed since the theft and data has been over-written.

A yet unnamed San Francisco man has been arrested and charged with possession of stolen property after campus police discovered that he sold the Berkeley over the net to a South Carolina resident. The accused said he bought the laptop in April from a woman matching the description of the suspected laptop thief.

-UC police note that while a lab analysis could not determine whether the sensitive campus data was ever accessed, nothing in their investigation points to identity theft nor individuals involved in identity theft. It appears, they said, that the intent was simply to steal and sell a laptop computer, the university said in its statement.

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