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Home » Hacking News » Beck IPC GmbH [email protected] TelnetD Account Enumeration Vulnerability

Beck IPC GmbH [email protected] TelnetD Account Enumeration Vulnerability

by platon on June 3rd, 2001 The [email protected] is a single-chip embedded webserver from Beck GmbH...

The device's inbuilt telnetd service may allow a remote user to confirm names of valid telnet accounts.

When an attacker attempts to login to the telnet service with a given user ID, the attacker receives a prompt for the password only if the supplied account name exists. This confirms for the attacker that the given ID is valid.

In combination with brute-force password techniques, to which this device is reportedly vulnerable, this can permit a remote attacker to compromise arbitrary accounts on the system. Properly exploited, this can lead to a compromise of the device's normal operation.

The vendor reports that this has been fixed, and that a "test version is available upon request."


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