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Babel, DDoS of biblical proportions

by Floydman on March 23rd, 2001 Things have never been perfect on the Internet, but way back then (before the Internet went commercial), it still wasn't so bad. The only major outbreak I could remember from the "old days" is the Morris worm, and even then, it's because I read about it, but I didn't find that much information from this era concerning major outbreaks. And back then, "major" meant maybe 2000-3000 Unix machines; nothing compared to today's viruses like Melissa and I Love You.

Another popular trend amongst Internet vandals is denial of service attacks. In this paper, I will present several ways someone can combine virus techniques and denial of service attacks in order to create the biggest threat on the Internet, a traffic storm that could paralyze the Internet for days, maybe even weeks. Who knows, maybe forever? One thing is sure, the attacks perpetrated by Mafiaboy will look like a car ride on a sunday afternoon compared to this.


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