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Automated ID theft

by Nikola Strahija on August 10th, 2005 Anti-spyware researchers have uncovered a massive identity theft ring linked to keylogging software.

Patrick Jordan of Sunbelt Software discovered the malware while researching the infamous CoolWebSearch application but the key logger itself is not CWS, but something much worse.

During the course of infecting a machine, Jordan discovered that the machine became a spam zombie that was also sending data back to a remote server. He found that thousands of infected machines are contacting a US-based server daily and a portion of these are writing to a keylogger file, which is periodically harvested by cybercriminals. -The types of data in this file are pretty sickening to watch. You have search terms, social security numbers, credit cards, logins and passwords, etc, Sunbelt president Alex Eckelberry writes.

Sunbelt has informed the FBI about this, but it still remains unclear if the keylogger is directly related to CWS or not. Sunbelt advises consumers to use a personal firewall to prevent the key logger from “phoning home".

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