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Home » Hacking News » Attenton AT&T Customers - BOGUS Email sent by fraudsters

Attenton AT&T Customers - BOGUS Email sent by fraudsters

by Nikola Strahija on December 8th, 2002 On Friday night AT&T became aware of a fraudulent email scam involving a bogus email message that was sent to AT&T customers. The email address includes "," and the email message itself states that AT&T needs certain information from customers in order to verify billing records.

This message is unauthorized and should be disregarded. The requested information includes items such as social security number, credit card numbers, birth dates, mother's maiden name (a key password verification question) and "driver's licence" (spelled incorrectly).

AT&T Security has traced the fraudulent messages to an international email address known for this type of fraud, and has shut it down. However, customers should be aware that the bogus operation could resurface elsewhere. If any AT&T customer receives an email message that has "" in the address and requests verification of billing data, they should not respond with any information whatsoever. Instead, they should forward the fraudulent email message to AT&T Security at [email protected] AT&T has notified the proper authorities and they are in the process of investigating.

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