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Attack on EAS possible?

by Nikola Strahija on August 15th, 2004 EAS or US Emergency Alert System, a system that permits government officials to issue emergency information by interrupting any radio or television broadcast has such security holes that it is possible for a malicious attacker to take control over it by using the denial of service attack.

This was acknowledged by federal regulators on Thursday 12th of August. They said that computer security and encryption were not the primary design criteria when EAS was developed and initially implemented, but are now becoming a matter of great importance.

Various federal agencies are now trying to resolve this security problem, especially considering it was built without basic authentication mechanisms, and is activated locally by unencrypted low-speed modem transmissions over public airwaves, which leaves an open door to hackerís misuse, even if they have only the basic knowledge and equipment. As the US are gaining more and more enemies every day, who potentially have access to biological or chemical weapons, there is even greater need to create a better national information distributing program.

There hasnít been a single use of EAS for extreme national emergency since it was first launched in 1997.

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