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Asia leads the world in Internet activity, study says

by ivy on May 27th, 2001 SINGAPORE -- Asia is now the "engine room" driving most of the world's Internet activity, according to study results released Friday.

South Koreans are the world's most avid surfers, spending an average of 42 minutes online per surfing session on their home computers in April, U.S. Internet research firm Nielsen//NetRatings said in its latest report.

Hong Kong Internet users came in second with 38 minutes per session, while Taiwan was third with 36 minutes and Australia fourth with 35 minutes, the report said.

The global average is about 31 1/2 minutes, it said.

"The Asia-Pacific is now the engine room of growth in worldwide Internet activity," Nielsen//NetRatings said in a statement. One reason that Asians are spending more time online is that their region is a relatively new Internet market and they are still learning to navigate in cyberspace, the statement said.

"Over time, we would expect surfers in these (Asian) markets to identify the sites which meet their needs and considerably narrow their monthly surfing activity."

South Koreans were also the world's busiest surfers with an average of 90 Internet pages viewed per surfing session.

Taiwan was second with 76 pages, Hong Kong third with 62 and Singapore fourth with 56. The worldwide average is 44.

The latest Nielsen//NetRatings study also found that the global Internet community has grown to 390 million users as of April, up by 10 million from the previous month, the statement said.

Nielsen//NetRatings said it based the study on data collected by monitoring software installed in the home computers of 220,000 individuals in 23 countries around the world.

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