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AOL instant messenger DoS

by Phiber on October 3rd, 2001 Anyone who can send instant messages to a user signed on to the AOL Instant Messenger service can crash that user's AOL Instant Messenger. The default settings allows everyone to send messages to any user.

Vulnerable versions:

  • AOL Instant Messenger/Win32 4.7.2480

  • AOL Instant Messenger/Win32 4.3.2229

    Not Vulnerable:

  • aimirc (all versions)

  • AIM Express

  • QuickBuddy

  • AOL Instant Messenger/Linux 1.5.234


    It is possible for any remote user to crash the AOL Instant Messenger for Windows, at least version 4.7.2480. The target user's visibility
    settings must allow the exploiter to send him or her IMs. When a
    message with the text "

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