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AOL infested by a worm

by Nikola Strahija on July 22nd, 2006 WORM_OPANKI.Y is the newest worm that uses Instant Messaging to spread. It hits AOL IM users and hides in a file named ITUNES.EXE

AOL Instant Messaging is the natural habitat of the newest member of the worm family. The WORM_OPANKI.Y was detected by Trend Micro security company. OPANKI.Y spreads via an instant message saying 'this image never gets old' and a link stating to be the photo mentioned.

If the careless user clicks on a link, he is given an option to save a .JPG file, which is, in reality a masked ITUNES.EXE executable file.

The file, once executed, opens a back door to malicious attackers and also installs four different adware applications, which deliver pop-ups and track surfing habits.

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