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Anyone can read all XOOPS private messages

by Nikola Strahija on December 13th, 2002 As most part of PHP CMS, XOOPS allows users to send and receive Private Messages (PMs), that are saved on the DataBase. It was found how all messages are readable.

Product : XOOPS
Version : RC3 (tested)
File : /pmlite.php

Bug :
if ($reply == 1) {
$pm = new XoopsPM($msg_id);
$pm_uname = XoopsUser::getUnameFromId($pm->getVar
$replytext = "[quote]n";
$replytext .= sprintf(_PM_USERWROTE,$pm_uname);
$replytext .= "n".$pm->getVar("msg_text", "E")."n

Solution :
A patched file is available on :

patch :
ligne 76 : if($pm->getVar("to_userid") != $xoopsUser->getVar
ligne 77 : die("Désolé, c'est patché :)


By valdeux
Publiacted on december, 13th 2002

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