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Home » Hacking News » Anti-Globalization Hackers Attack Rai News Website

Anti-Globalization Hackers Attack Rai News Website

by platon on July 9th, 2001 Rome, July 7: Hackers have attacked state broadcaster RAI's non- stop news web site, leaving messages against globalisation and the upcoming G8 summit in Genoa, RAI said today.

The broadcaster said that a hacker had entered the home page of RAI News 24 and inserted a photo of the planet and anti-globalization slogans in English. Police are investigating the incident.

Over the past few months, RAI News 24 has provided extensive TV and Internet coverage of the July 20-22 summit and the issues on the agenda.

The attack was similar to one carried out on July 1 on the websites at the Ministry for Production Activities and several Chambers of Commerce.

Again, the hackers left anti-globalisation and anti-G8 summit messages.

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