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Another Virus. What a suprise

by Majik on September 6th, 2001 The Magistr virus, which has been riding high in the virus reports charts for several months, is making the rounds with a meaner variant.
Thanks to a substantial recode by persons unknown, the virus is now hitting PC users where it hurts most - on their hard drives.

Panda Software says that its researchers in Madrid, Spain, where the original Magistr is also known as Disembowler, have observed significant numbers of sightings of Magistr-b since late Monday.

Panda says that the new variant has a more dangerous payload than the original version seen in March in its ability to destroy and delete all data on local and network disks.

As if this wasn't bad enough, Panda says that the virus propagation system has also been enhanced. This time around, Magistr plants copies of itself on all available network resources and distributes them via e-mail address books.

U.S. IT security research firm Vigilinx has also given the new Magistr virus a highly dangerous rating, saying that the new worm deletes all files located on the local and network drives and destroys all the stored data in the CMOS and FLASH BIOS.

Vigilinx also says that the new variant of Magistr also disables ZoneAlarm, the popular "personal firewall" package used by large numbers of Internet users.

Perhaps worse, Magistr-b also destroys all files with ".ntz" extensions. These are files that are used by various antivirus packages.

Vigilinx says that the latest virus definition from Symantec to detect [email protected] (Magistr-b) is now available from .

Updates are also available from F-Secure ( ) and Kaspersky Labs ( ).

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