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Another 40 million credit cards exposed

by Nikola Strahija on June 21st, 2005 MasterCard has joined the recent list of big financial institutions embarrassed by a hacker with the acknowledgement that as many as 40 million credit card number have been compromised.

A hacker was able to infiltrate MasterCard's and other companies' payment systems through back-office processing company CardSystems Solutions.

The network at CardSystems had certain vulnerabilities that allowed an outsider to access the card numbers, 13.9 million of which were connected to MasterCard cards, MasterCard spokeswoman said. MasterCard's fraud detection system first became aware of the infiltration in May, and the company instantly launched an investigation.

However, the complicated investigation was not completed until earlier this week, when MasterCard was able to determine which credit card numbers were exposed and notify the banks that issued those cards. Ubizen handled the initial forensic investigation, and the case has also been turned over to the FBI. As far as MasterCard is aware, the person who infiltrated the CardSystems network has not yet been identified.

Companies such as CardSystems process payment data for multiple credit card companies, and no other types of personal information, such as Social Security numbers, were compromised.

Cardholders can dispute purchases that were not made by them with the bank that issued their card, and they will not be held liable for any purchases determined to have been made fraudulently.

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