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American spy plane gets dismantled in China

by phiber on May 24th, 2001 BEIJING, China -- China has accepted a U.S. proposal to dismantle a crippled American spy plane and return it to the United States in pieces.

The EP-3 plane, which has been at the center of a terse diplomatic stand-off between the two nations, has been held on Hainan island since April 1 after it collided with a Chinese fighter jet.

"The United States has submitted a proposal to take apart the plane and take it back to the U.S.," Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao told a news conference on Thursday. "The Chinese side has agreed to that."

Ties between the two nations grew strained following the collision. Both sides blamed each other for the collision and China demanded the United States apologize and stop conducting surveillance flights off its coast.

China detained the 24-member crew for 11 days before allowing them to return to the United States.

In a trip to assess the damaged plane, U.S. technicians concluded it could fly home, but China rejected that option, possibly trying to punish Washington for the incident by forcing it to destroy its aircraft in the process of retrieving it.

The mid-air collision, which is believed to have killed the Chinese fighter pilot, plunged U.S.-Chinese relations to their lowest level since the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999.

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