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AMD website hacked

by Nikola Strahija on January 30th, 2006 AMD company website technical support and discussion forums have been hacked and are now being used for malicious purposes.

Mikko Hypponen, manager of anti-virus research at F-Secure, revealed this problem on his blog on Monday. Soon after, AMD personell has started looking for the way to get rid of this, but with no success so far.

According to Hypponen hackers are attacking through a known flaw in the way the Windows operating system renders images that use the WMF (Windows Metafile) graphics format. This flaw was patched on Jan. 5, so users who are running versions of Windows that have the latest patches installed are not at risk, he said.

Using WMF images attackers install malicious software on unsuspecting users' computers. The software installed is mainly various toolbars, but any software can be installed. -Most of the toolbars show pop-ups, follow your search and other keyword activity, and use that to target ads to you, Hypponen said. -It's for-profit hacking. Somebody is making money from each machine that is hit by these toolbars.’

It still remains a mystery how AMD got so infected. Hypponen ponders that the AMD server could have been hacked, but that the problem could also be due to an intrusion at an AMD partner website or at an ISP.

Anyhow, if you're using chips that support the new DEP (Data Execution Prevention) feature, which prevents software from running where it doesn't belong, are probably protected from the WMF malware.

Windows WMF flaw brought trouble to many websites, so we have to hand it for the masters of vulnerable software once again.

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