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Alleged Israeli Hackers Deface Uae News Website

by platon on June 19th, 2001 DUBAI - Computer hackers allegedly based in Israel have vandalised the website of the United Arab Emirates' Gulf News newspaper, the daily said on Friday.

A front-page Gulf News report said the hackers had used sophisticated technology to break into its website, which is hosted on a U.S.-based portal.

The Gulf News report said experts had traced the source of the attack back through several U.S. sites to computers linked to an Israeli Internet provider.

Investigations into the incident were now focused on an Israeli linked to an Israeli institute.

The newspaper closed the site on Thursday after it found out the hackers had superimposed an Israeli flag and the words "You have been hacked...Long Live Israel" on the original contents.

A notice on the site on Friday said it had been temporarily shut down "because it had been hacked into by Zionist activists believed to be based in Israel".

The newspaper said it was the latest victim of a "cyberwar" waged by Israelis against Palestinians and their supporters.

"Gulf News attracted this attention due to its extensive coverage of the atrocities by the Israeli government in Palestine and the West Bank," it said.

The United Arab Emirates has repeatedly blasted Israel and its ally the United States for their handling of a Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation in which hundreds of people, mostly Palestinians, have been killed since September.

Local newspapers have joined in the criticism and most carry extensive coverage of the Intifada.

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